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June 2007

The Next Level - published three times a year by the Offices of the Chancellor and University Relations - intends to be a brief update of highlights and achievements about Purdue University Calumet in response to its strategic vision for attaining the next level of excellence.

Purdue University Calumet is implementing its strategic plan in the following ways to achieve excellence.

     Improve student success by graduating more students within a 6-year period

PUC introducing experiential learning in Fall 2008

Experiential Learning


It will take more than classroom and textbook learning to earn an undergraduate degree at Purdue Calumet. Also required will be structured experiential learning components.

Following approval last spring by its Faculty Senate for adoption in Fall 2008, Purdue Calumet will join a handful of colleges/universities nationally—the first within the Purdue system—to adopt experiential learning as a graduation requirement. The plan calls for integrating traditional learning with the applied learning that occurs within a real world, work-related experience.

As a condition of graduation, all undergraduate students will be required to complete two experiential learning courses/equivalents in any of seven program types (see graphic above).

The action follows Purdue Calumet’s receipt last year of a $1.7 million U.S. Dept. of Education Title III grant to develop a comprehensive experiential education program through faculty and curriculum development.

“Purdue Calumet’s action will enable its students to become better prepared to enter their chosen work force area,” National Society for Experiential Education Board of Directors President Karen Roloff said. “But the real value is going into an experience with learning outcomes in mind…”


CONTACT: Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affiars Ron Kovach — - 219/989-2664


     Promote and support faculty/staff excellence

New training program helps supervisors better understand responsibilities

Supervise for Success

Enabling Purdue Calumet faculty and staff supervisors to understand better their responsibilities and how to apply their leadership roles is the intent of a recently implemented Supervise for Success training program.

Introduced this spring, Supervise for Success is comprised of a series of nine, two-hour core competency modules designed to enhance supervisory knowledge, skills and behavior. Higher level management skills featuring content based on individual needs will be the focus of a follow-up training phase, Supervise for Success—Plus, beginning later this year. After attending each module, supervisors must score at least 80 percent on an on-line follow-up exam.

The program is part of a process for assuring that university supervisors receive consistent and systematic training, an objective of Purdue Calumet’s Academic Quality Improvement Project (AQIP) accreditation initiative.



CONTACT: Assoc. Dir. Staff Training Colleen Robison - - 219/989-2143

     Develop a high performance learning environment

More versatile, comfortable student computing labs coming this fall

The large, open, centrally administered computing laboratories of the 1980s are giving way to a new concept at Purdue Calumet that will provide students computing access in smaller, more versatile and comfortable campus venues.

Some 90 open computing stations are being relocated this fall from the university’s Powers Computer Education Building to a suite of four distinct computing laboratory platforms in the Gyte Science Building:

A computerized rendering of a smaller, more versatile/comfortable student computing lab.

Cyber Café - interactive space for some 34 students, featuring three computing booths designed for group projects.

Project Meeting Room – for groups of three to four students to meet in lounge-type seating around a computer monitor with access to a whiteboard.

Workstations – for work with special media and software. Screen walls will provide privacy. An on-site lab attendant can provide specialized software assistance and technical support.

Traditional open computing – 26 open, private computing stations intended for individual student work.

“During the ‘80s, when most students did not own their own computer and needed more hands on support, the large computing lab concept made sense,” Purdue Calumet Academic Facilities Manager Michelle Grant said. “Today, computing space that is more flexible, comfortable, friendly and inviting is more appealing to students.”

CONTACT: Michelle Grant - - 219/989-2335

     Expand our partnership role for advancing positive change & economic growth in our region

PUC partners to manage, operate Hammond Business Incubator

The city of Hammond (IN) has contracted Purdue Calumet to manage and operate the new Hammond Business Incubator.

The incubator is designed to spur economic growth and development within Hammond by attracting start-up businesses and providing them with needed support and expertise to grow and thrive.

“Hammond anticipates this incubator becoming a catalyst for future growth in the downtown area,” Hammond Economic Development Director Rick Calinski said. “Our hope is to position the incubator as a leading facility for growing transportation and logistics companies.”

Gregory J. Boyan, who offers more than 25 years of high technology-related business experience, recently was appointed the incubator’s executive director.

Through the intellectual capital of faculty expertise and student interns, Purdue Calumet is positioned to provide valuable assistance to start-up businesses within the incubator. The university similarly assists high technology incubator employers of the nearby Purdue Technology Center of Northwest Indiana in Merrillville.

CONTACT: Gregory Boyan - - 219/989-2203
Rick Calinski - - 219/853-6508

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