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Welcome to the IMC

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Language learning at PUC is supported by the International Media Center. The IMC promotes the benefits of learning other languages and cultures and facilitates the teaching, acquisition, and maintenance of foreign language skills and cultural awareness through the exploitation of technology and media. Hundreds of students a month take advantage of the IMC's features, some of which include:

  • Internet access via Ethernet
  • Course-specific materials and other general language reference materials
  • Music CDs and foreign films on videocassette and DVD
  • Audio and video software at each station
  • Printing capabilities
  • Educational recorders for oral assignments
  • Word processing and spell check for each language taught at PUC
  • Language Kits for Chinese, Japanese and Arabic
  • Textbook-related grammar and pronunciation software

The IMC also allows students to practice auditory, oral, visual, gesticular, and written language skills,
supplements classroom instruction, allows instructor guided language classes requiring technology, and
serves as an open lab for independent practice.

User Responsibilities in PUC's International Media Center

  • Please present a valid PUC ID when requesting access to machines or media, and proof of enrollment in a foreign language course if requested. No other ID is acceptable. No exceptions are made.
  • The IMC printers are to be used by currently enrolled FLL students for work directly related to language studies ONLY.
  • Please consult the Open Access hours & plan your visits accordingly. You will be asked to move to a new seat or leave (at the instructor’s will) if present at the beginning of Restricted Access hours.
  • Save electronic files only to your ZIP/floppy/flash disk or to the folder on the server designated for your files, recognizing that the IMC is NOT responsible for your files.
  • Respect the IMC's environment by keeping your voice down, leaving food and drink outside, cellphones off, etc.
  • Please treat all equipment with care and leave the stations in order.
  • Report equipment or software problems to the staff.
  • Place unwanted paper in the recycling box.
  • Please do NOT alter any of the settings on any computer without prior permission from the IMC staff.
  • Please DO NOT remove any borrowed materials from the IMC.


  • do your homework for you
  • answer instructional questions
  • e-mail assignments to your instructor, or
    tutor you in a specific language (please see the Drop-In tutoring schedule under the "Student Services" quick click for this).

Please direct any questions or comments to

Last updated April 30, 2008.

International Media Center
Classroom Office Building, Room 112
2200 169th Street
Hammond, Indiana

Spring 2008 Hours:
(Jan. 14 - May 10, 2008)
Mon. - Thur:
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Fri. - Sun:

The Lab will be closed  Monday, March 10 through Thursday, March 13, 2008 for spring break.

Phone Numbers:
Tel: 219/989-2331
(1-800 HI-PURDUE, x.2331
Locally within IN & IL)

Fax: 219/989-2165

PURDUE UNIVERSITY CALUMET | 2200 169th Street Hammond, IN 46323-2094
Phone: 219/989-2400 or 800/HI-PURDUE x.2400 Locally within Indiana & Illinois

Purdue University Calumet is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that is Committed to a Diverse Workplace
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