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The availability of financial assistance

While there are many understandable reasons why it costs more to attend colleges and universities each year, I want you to know that there is also a wide range of financial assistance available to Purdue Calumet students and families.

In fact, nearly 69 percent of our students received more than $39.3 million in student assistance during the 2006-07 academic year. Those dollars take the form of merit- and need-based scholarships, grants, fee remissions, campus employment, work study opportunities and loans.

Last academic year, our students received more than $1.3 million in merit-related scholarships and awards. We also awarded some $24 million in need-based aid.

At the Purdue Calumet Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts Web site, students and families can access a Scholarship Search link -- -- that provides a comprehensive listing of available scholarships.

To qualify for most forms of need-based financial assistance, students/families must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the federal processor so that it is received by March 10. That is the overriding message of Financial Aid Awareness Month, observed throughout February by colleges and universities nationally.

Purdue Calumet’s Office of Financial Aid & Student Accounts (219/989-2301 and 800/HI-PURDUE, ext. 2301) and high school Guidance Offices can provide you more detailed information, as well as answer your financial aid-related questions.

The bottom line is: there is financial assistance available. If you’re willing to search—on our Scholarship Search web page and elsewhere—you may be pleasantly surprised with the type and amount of assistance for which you/your son/daughter may qualify.

Howard Cohen,

PURDUE UNIVERSITY CALUMET | 2200 169th Street Hammond, IN 46323-2094
Phone: 219/989-2400 or 800/HI-PURDUE x.2400 Locally within Indiana & Illinois

Purdue University Calumet is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that is Committed to a Diverse Workplace
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