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Our growing international presence

In September, the Purdue Calumet Center for International Programs sent a delegation, including its director, Professor Jorge Roman-Lagunas; Foreign Languages and Literatures Professor Jin Lu; and me to sign agreements establishing formal relationships with a number of Chinese universities and schools.

These agreements included:

  • A "3+1" agreement with Jiangsu University that will bring Chinese students in mechanical, electrical and computer engineering to Purdue Calumet to complete their bachelor's degrees with us.
  • A comprehensive relationship with the Beijing Institute of Technology to cooperate in a number of programs, including bringing their faculty here for research collaboration and English language study.
  • A plan to send teachers of English to Beijing Number 2 Middle School and to recruit top performing Chinese students to Purdue Calumet.
  • An Instruction Center at Chengzhou University City to provide English language instruction and short courses in information technology and management. This agreement also will bring teachers of English from Chengzhou to Purdue Calumet for English as a Second Language instructional training.

The opportunity to attract international students and faculty to our campus is very significant for us. The presence of Chinese students and faculty at Purdue Calumet will help "internationalize" our learning experience. It will provide a valuable cross-cultural experience for our students and faculty, both in and out of the classroom.

The Chinese students we will attract through these agreements possess an outstanding work ethic and a strong desire to get to know Americans. They will contribute to the enrichment of our campus life.

Our agreements also will help contribute to growing international recognition of Purdue Calumet. Our university will continue to seek agreements with other universities in other parts of the world. We are becoming better known around the world for our educational quality.

We live in a world of interactivity-a world growing smaller as the barriers of cultural differences continue to fall. It is important that we at Purdue Calumet, as an institution of higher learning, do our part to embrace and advance our international society.


Howard Cohen

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Purdue University Calumet is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer that is Committed to a Diverse Workplace
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